Here’s a list of Phantom Chips shows, residencies and workshops as well as times that I’m performing in other bands such BodyVice and Goodiepal & Pals….




14 May          Phantom Chips, Up Close and Personal, Museum of Modern Art, Sydney, Australia
19 February   Phantom Chips, Executive Summary, online stream,


24 October     Phantom Chips, Elektrolab, East Brisbane Bowls Club, Brisbane, Australia
29 May           Phantom Chips, Lal Lal Lal http festival, SWGBBO
28 March        Phantom Chips, Noise Quest 1, live stream event curated by Graham Dunning


30 August      Phantom Chips @ Sound Offering, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia



2 – 4 August     BodyVice @ Supernormal festival , Oxfordshire, UK
26 July              Phantom Chips, Aja & A’Bear, Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, UK
19 – 21 July       BodyViceSupersonic festival, Birmingham
12 – 13 July       BodyVicePohoda Festival, Slovakia
January             Tara Pattenden/Phantom Chips, Artist in Residence, The Guesthouse, Cork
9 January          Phantom Chips, Zolala, Cork, Ireland


8 December       BodyVice, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK
3 November      Phantom Chips, Bom Carrot Birthday Bash, Todmorden, UK
23 November    Goodiepal & Pals, Eastern Daze Festival, Gent, Belgium
26 October       Phantom Chips, Future Sound of Maccas, Brisbane, Australia
17 October         Phantom Chips, Mahamudra 5, Sydney, Australia

11 October Phantom Chips, Vomit Cabaret – Genetics:  How Soon is Now?, Brisbane, Australia
29 September Ratte (Tara Pattenden and Rhian Thompson collab), Wolf Eyes, Guttersnipe, Edinburgh, UK
13 September Phantom Chips, Goodiepal & Pals, Cafe Hæverk, Oslo, Norway
6 September Phantom Chips, Milhões de Festa, Braga, Portugal
7 September BodyVice, Milhões de Festa, Braga, Portugal
9 August Phantom Chips workshop, Holosounds, Wrist, Germany
27 July Phantom Chips workshop, Norberg Festival, Norberg, Sweden
14 July Phantom Chips, Fell into Summer, Copenhagen, Denmark
1 June Phantom Chips, Chemtrail Party Mix, Liverpool, UK
12 May collaboration with Ali Robertson, Leith Depot, Edinburgh, UK
9 May collaboration w Damo Suzuki and the Cosmic Dead, Mono, Glasgow, UK
8 May collaboration w Damo Suzuki and the Cosmic Dead, the Mash House, Edinburgh, UK
27 April Phantom Chips, Backlash, Newcastle, UK
19 April Phantom Chips, Pure n Heavy, Glasgow, UK
31 March Phantom Chips presentation, Soma Skool, SWG3, Glasgow, UK


15 December Phantom Chips, Sao Paulo, Brazil
6 December Phantom Chips, Void UHF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5 December Phantom Chips, Novas Frequenciâs, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November – December Musician in Residence, PRS Foundation and British Council, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
9 November Phantom Chips workshop with Still House plants, CCA, Glasgow, UK
28 September Phantom Chips, Haptic Somatic, Corsica Studios, London, UK
14 September Phantom Chips, In Memory of Don Buchla – buchla performance, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
September Musician in Residence, EMS, Stockholm Sweden
17 August Phantom Chips, The Wind Up Space, Baltimore, USA
15 August Phantom Chips, Rhizome DC, Washington DC, USA
14 August Phantom Chips workshop, Rhizome DC, Washington DC, USA
13 August Phantom Chips workshop, Terrault, Baltimore, USA
12 August Phantom Chips, Philadephia, USA
25 June Phantom Chips, Old Hairdresser, Glasgow, UK
12 April Phantom Chips, Sound of the Underground Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5 March Phantom Chips, Cowley Club, Brighton, UK
3 March Phantom Chips, Stag and Hound, Bristol, UK
2 March Phantom Chips, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK
17 February Phantom Chips, Ouroboros, London, UK