Post Norberg

Massive love and thanks to everyone at Norberg, what an an amazing festival.

Here’s an excerpt from Kai Teo’s review of Norberg Festival

And what I witnessed (or touched) next, was sound that you could touch.

I’ve always thought dubstep felt like stretching and kneading a piece of blu-tack or plasticine. And I’ve always dreamed about using my touch to create different sounds. Taadaa! This woman made my dream come true. Phantom Chips pushes the boundaries and stretches the limits of sound and tactile creativity to create noise costumes that you can stretch, pull, twist and do whatever the fuck you want with it.

She presented to the wide-eyed crowd her exotic Sound Octopus Strap-on, which is basically a belt with tentacles that you can do stuff with, and it produces different noises according to what you do with it, and how hard you do it. And then there was the Shadow Ninja Playback Time costume, which is a mask / glove thingy you put on, talk into your right index finger, and playback the recording with your left index finger. Experimental. Mind-blowing. It was the one fucking portal that would push my uptight mind to experience and enjoy immensely something other than psytrance.

So thank you Phantom Chips.