Infinity +1: wearable controllers

A school holiday workshop forming part of Signal 37, a holiday arts program held by Signal Arts in Melbourne.

Infinity + 1 is an experimental audio-visual project exploring textile design, basic electronics, video production and physical interaction. Installation artists Kate Geck and Tara Pattenden will work with you to create digital textile prints, costumes, knits, analogue circuits and abstract video and sound to create a controller to be used in a live performance.

Kate Geck and I led a workshop of  young people aged between 14 – 19.  Over the 10 days they created stunning costumes with their own fabric design; produced some abstract video; soldered an oscillator circuit; and created an wearable instrument using handmade soft circuitry controllers!  Their performance at the Signal 37 showcase was a colourful and noisy audiovisual explosion.  I’m so impressed at what was accomplished in just 10 days!

The girls’ performance at the Signal 37 Showcase

Signal Express article about the workshop –