Phantom Chips makes wearable synthesizers that can be stretched and
squeezed to create sound. Her homemade ‘lectronix squeals create bent charm
and harsh mangled tones through tactile electronics. Concocting rhythms from an
array of homemade electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers
Phantom Chips gets the audience wearing electronics and making noise.


Australian-born Tara Pattenden works in the field of electronics, noise
performance and soft circuitry. Based in Glasgow she runs a business selling
synthesisers including the noisy bstrd and the Lerango Drone. She has been
making noise and mess for almost 20 years performing internationally as a solo
artist and in bands such as Monster Zoku Onsomb and Kunt. Currently she is a
member of Goodiepal and Pals and the FCKN BSTRDS.